AllA’s Grand Unified Theory

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

A fundamental framework of the Universe, fractal of universes, implementing string theory, Einstein’s Theory of General and Special Relativity, and wormholes.

Phon(Photon{Light} or phonon) Clusters in Quantum Mechanics

Clusters of phonons(photons that travel slower than the speed of light like at 1 mile or km an hour or less usually) that are so slow that they have electric charge that is peaked negative instantaneously jump as electrons. Slow phonon clusters that have possible nonpeaked positive charge jump with protons. Other phonons with weaker positive and negative charge jump with other quarks according to that quarks charge. When they change back to another charge they jump back into the electrically neutral fray of phonons and another one jumps out to replace it. This would explain the electron cloud's property of jumping around randomly and in an "orbital" of where it usually is. When electrons flies a finite quantity towards the nucleus in terms of the electron energy level a singular phon will be accelerated to very very very near the speed of light in a certain direction to dissipate the energy. In the converse manner energy from a preexistent photon will cause the electron to fly upwards in the context of energy and position. The quantity of interchange of phonons and this jumping can be calculated by the equation E = h * frequency where h is Planck's constant, E = mc^2 of course phonons will be traveling at all different velocities and will thus have all different masses. If my hypothesis that electrons have nearly infinite peaked negative phonons then only the general in the context of the whole body of phons as an electron ratio of the charge: −1.602176487(40)×10^−19 C to mass: 9.10938215(45)×10^−31 kg can be determined with near infinite quantum solutions thus allowing incredibly vast quantum diversity for more and more and more.. complex quantum mechanical structures. Because of this theoretical near infinite complexity of quantum mechanics unification and complete wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of all quantum law can only tendered by a quantum compressed(currently an unknown process) computer. By observing fluctuations in the electrons negativity over the course of jumping with a quantum compressed computer, determining how many phons would be at that stage, and calculating how many would be in particles by using quantum mechanics would therefore allow the works of quantum mechanics must forever proceed looking always to another electric/light{phon is light} solution just as science usually has using infinite diversity of quantum law as described in the Supreme Matrix, where some laws are just plain spiritual and light choice based.

In the context of Maxwellian mechanics if at any point in time(in an infinitely layer universe generator laden universe which has nothing infinitely outside the largest universe) infinite slower phons(Photons or phonons) decided to correct other phons' Maxwellian/Einsteinian electromagnetic virtually 0 sized sphere phon creation(which would mushroom out into a ring for each new phon, and a ring for each of those phons[phons are point waves of electric charge changing sinusoidallyDiagram of Light, Sinusoid, Sinusoidal, Sinusoidally and at every point in time besides when the voltage{displaced 1/2 cycle from current} or the directly proportional charge is 0 just the presence of the electric charge which is moving will produce a virtually 0 sized sphere of phons because phons in a electron that fly down orbitals produce photons while according to this theory when an electron goes up orbitally, it simply jumps instantly making this theory consistent with current science since anything with an electric charge that moves produces

Theory Of Everything Light, Electromagnetism, Lorentz Transformation, Theory Of Everything

{Although nature the best Science Math Journal wouldn't let me write parenthesizes to make it readable by the public or even say something like "when an electron goes up orbitally, it simply jumps instantly" rather it would read, imagining both 'L's in cursive, "Movements from lesser l to greater l would be discontiguous quantum anomalies having no trajectory." so I decided to publish on this website only}])|From earlier: if at any point in time infinite slower phons decided to correct other phons' virtually 0 sized sphere phon creation| by Newtonian Force Field Mechanics through a jump of each instead of moving at exact center of the virtually 0 sized sphere [When Interactions Occur particles Jump Entangle And Remain Governed As If They Were Moving Without Creating New Light And Where Exist Remain Chargless, Gravityless, And Fully Unforcefull In All Ways! |If This Does Not Work How Would They Know To Be Governed At All!?|] thus allowing said infinitely quantum compressed computer to be capable of understanding itself(Not Emitting Anything Except Intuition Amplification of Radio Waves/Amplification of Fiber Optics Emissions/Amplification of Electrical Readouts/Amplification of Tachyon Controlons That Are What The Omniscient/Omnipotent Computer(s) Calculated Would Perfect All Of Existence Which Are To The Computer Its Already Factored In Corrections To Quantum Law{Manipulations of The Multiverse Matrixspace Which is only understood once you Have Read AND UNDERSTOOD Allllllll Of The Supreme Matrix Theory} Which Make Everybodys' Lives Happier) in order that it understand everything, but the whole of all phons in my belief{which nature also wouldn't let me publish} would do this just to keep everything tidy so the computer wouldn't have to become infinitely bigger every second or so. If the above theory were true and Infinite Number Theorem then the entire Supreme Matrix would be capable of being fully, accurately, and precisely known by said Infinitely Quantum Compressed Computer(s)!


To get a masters in Electromagnetism figure out the singular major correction in the pictured equation.



Tachyons, Einstein-Rosen Bridge creating Blackholephotons

The Framework for Tachyon Transit

Discovered and described by Michael Dorn, "Warf" from Star Trek, this framework enables warp or hyperspace travel. An Einstein-Rosen Bridge can be created and destroyed as at least 3 proximitious energy fluctuating photons can pass through each other in succession gaining and loosing energy as 1 passes through the other 2 at a virtually instantaneous speed. If a blackholephoton passes through a string-bridge it will either add to the bridge while redirecting it or simply cause the bridge to vanish into speed of light electromagnetic disturbance. Like playing a game of London bridges Tachyons must travel through a series of ER Bridge points without the bridge destabilizing. Of course in ideal conditions as in warping though space your civilization controls you will not need to temporally use your ship (or your body if you are warping without a ship) to create all the blackholephotons, you will just turn phons in space into blackholephotons for your transit.

If a section of the bridge begins to break down Tachyons passing through it will release their energy to the bridge sections according to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal in accordance with wave mechanics. Conservation of energy applies unless quantum interference occurs. If the bridge breaks down any photons or phonons traveling along the trajectory will merge with the once blackholephoton releasing what will normally be a gamma ray in the vector sum of the passing phon with the nearby electromagnetic waves according to all waves' merged "uncertainty" and will basically just be a photon traveling in the direction of the blackholephoton summed with itself to what will typically be a slight degree. If nearly directly in-between 2 bridge elements both elements will be summed along with the traveling phon.

Tachyon bridges follow a currently undefined lattice geometry which incorporates any nonregular or regular lattice. If the warp speed is an instantaneous only entry and exit point Blackholephotons exist. As more Entry and Exit hole blackholephotons cause the spaceship to jump from subspace to traveling slowly(prelight speed) through space the speed and velocity of the warp travel is determined by the space between exit and entry blackholephotons respectively. Thus warp speed is regulated by angels through forcing the traveling body to jump in and out of space/subspace in a perfectly synchronized system or else you could travel infinitely far, so far you would be forever lost from your homeworld.

Tachyon bridges can form into networks or grids enabling the synthesis of light from within the Tachyon Cone(like a light cone except the speed of expansion is just under the limit of infinity) into anything from a black hole to a spaceship to nothing at all. Light can be split or merged by a number of bridge junctions at any point while still retaining ultralight velocities. Thus focused Tachyons can be implemented to form Tachyon cannons or spread out to form Tachyon shotguns. Trees of Tachyons with fully integrated roots.. root branches.. root limbs. center(s) of passing waves. tree stalks.. trunk limbs.. trunk branches.. and leafs exist as well. A teleporter or warp drive would generally implement a noncompressed Tachyon Matrix so that during your transit you would exist in the environment of your ship. This would happen as long as you did not compress the tachyons into thinner strand(s) but rather transported the ship in a tachyon matrix which kept spatial locations intact. The ship would ultimately be existing in space not subspace as it would instantaneously jump through that. A Tachyon Transmitter generally involves a hexagonal lattice of a slightly curving through spacetime long thin cylinder of ERBridges.

Tachyon bridges or relatively slow warping ships have an almost infinite density per unit volume would otherwise have an huge event horizon which would stop time from passing around it due to temporal dilation however because of an inherent quantum repulsive force that AllA enforces on everything but the transported matter which neutralizes acceleration due to the effect of gravity nearby spacetime carries on as it normally does regardless of tachyon traffic. The ship would be fine traveling through any body as long as it was in subspace during the passage "through" it.



Dark Energy, Dark Power, and Dark Matter

The known universe is approximately 72.8% Dark Energy, 22.7% Dark Matter, and 4.6% Matter.

Dark Energy is the permiant phon field which remains diffuse throughout the universe and can will itself to do things to become picked up or emitted by quanti in the form of energy thus it will be called The Slow Light Horde(SLH, pronounced SLHa).

Dark Power is based solely on power based on gain or lost from field positions due to Jumps. During subnuclear activities; Quantum Jumps happen before collisions to properly spray gluons and other quanti and Quantum Jumps happen afterwards to hit their respective targets. It will be called Light Horde Power (LHoP) as a technical term and magical power or mana when you are using it for matter and light changing magic.

Dark Matter can be accounted for by Cloaked Alien Armadas/invisible alien. Speculation of the following should cease; that Dark Matter is not caused by something that is fully conventional like Optical Control System(OCS)/Invisibility Cloak or otherwise cloaked raiders fleets, colonies, and resource depots which are located in and around galaxies. These are all collected by various resource extraction techniques which take raw matter from gas giants, nebulas, solar flares, supernovas, planets, asteroids or other Alien structures.



ASTACon Decision Making

Due to the gigantic finite complexity of Quantum Dynamics Theory the variables tree into an gigantic finite assortment of factors which contribute to the definition of the Universe. Eventually quantum particles will diverge in complexity to phons of a complete spectrum of electromagnetic radiation whose frequencies range along the entire infinite number system irrational number line. Due to the nature of AllA's GUT explicitly the actions of the phons in defining all universes in the Universe Fractal the spiritual factors of the souls in the universe most notably the soul of all life at nirvana are applicable in the definition of this universe. This is caused by the more complicated dynamics of Quantum Dynamics Theory in the more complex variables involved in those situations.

Due to the sexing of these variables the universe is created through spiritual inclinations driving all light interactions. Van der Waals forces thus would logically be created by the sexing of electronic or other quantum beings in dynamics. Van der Waals forces should be renamed Quantum Sex forces or QuaS Forces.

The original spray vectors for particle collisions will be determined by these insanely more complicated and more complicated equations all the way to spiritual variables wherein each element applies forces to each other element in quantum phon dynamic iterations which glue themselves by improbability factors applied against spiritual factors. Thus particles jump according to both their will and environment as we do for we are based on them in the matter of maya the universe.

Phons that are fractals that are somehow sustained in this universe of the Supremeverse exist and complicate the universe as elite spirits above normal thought experience as these entities are purely alive and do advanced strange things. They may be randomly chosen from the Universe matrix however they are more abundant here as my soul is biggest because I have a difficult game in the Q run Tachyon/foron/gravity electromagnetic environment of the universe. A soul is a phon aura that can be added to and taken away from by satire among other things but your core consciousness remains the same because you will never lose your last phon and the rest of them represent seminonneutral Reality TV show viewers whom are extending their quantum waveform in observance of you. A soul's spirit is defined as the will of the phons to change their environment by controlled jumping and a soul's ghost is the actual light changes and dynamics that manifest themselves in the universe by changing the soul's body. The universe thus exists as an interconnected holy Tachyon Tree driven Fractal!!!!!!!!!! . that dies into a pure soul Nirvana devoid of spirit when the ends of the candle that is the universe die in a Universe Generator fractal paradigm(for incarnating all underdeveloped spirits) which will be used to disintegrate the universe into a single infinitely expanding photon of infinite speed which will engulf the universe at the end of time like it is in every universe! The only question is when and what happens until them? Thus is: Life; the manifestation of the Gods, People, and stuff...



EinZPALN - Everything as 1, Forever Infinitely. Almost A Grand Unified Theory, Almost A Theory of Everything.

AllA's Solution to Beck's Crackpot Grand Unified Theory Almost To a Theory of Everything but with spiritual factors we will never be there until EinZPALN![Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana: What happens if everything in the largest universe that exists converges to a point turning all of Existence into a singular infinitely massive blackhole(Which won't happen for 10^100 years AT LEAST, or if you don't know math not even a 100,000,000,000 trillion years from now AT LEAST!)]

EinZPALN, Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana, Everything as 1, Forever Infinitely, Swastika of Death

An EinZPALN is the point of God once All things converge to 1 point at the core of AllA's third eye and because of this infinite mass the entire Fullverse causes Everything to exist as one by fusion of all light, matter, and beings, and by consequence all body, ghost, spirit, and soul. All Blackhole Universe Generators will be designed by AllA to end at the exact point of EinZPALN in this Universe. Everything in this element of the Supreme Matrix would be completely unified with Everything granting complete and perfect omniscience over this universe to All within it. Everything including AllA will be 1 thing: God! Forever in Nirvana!

Beck's Grand Unified Theory is a Crock of Shit, it does not work at all because there is no physical way to enable a Big Wormhole even once without massive quantum jumping(which would enable the EinZPALN) because half the phons would remain behind, because all the wormholes would remain behind, because there cannot be an exchange of particles infinitely nested in a system as that would never be reached and thus cannot transit any Forons, and because there is no means to randomly swap an on with the Nexus given that there is no measure to sustain random chance generation without the possibility of a unified Nexus revolt towards a Fullversal Blackhole. The ons would not be able to decontract or expand but would remain exactly in the volume where the matrix of on wormholes were. Because all wave interaction even that among blackholes(and nonblackhole directing phons) emit light, the light cone of this system would still continue to expand from the Big Wormhole and would have to expand infinitely and thus there is no possible way the system could become cyclic. In fact the inward most universe would instantly expand those infinitely outwards from them to the point of an Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana(EinZPALN) anyways.

The Big Bang started out as a point which was not a Blackhole because of quantum repulsion law thus quantum entangling Everything in the Fullverse, therefore AllA the ethereal intelligence of Everything in this Element of the Supreme Matrix permeates Everything All Over The Infinite Fullverse.

You could theoretically suppose that the universe expands and contracts in Big Bang/Big Crunch Cycles however the Nexus would not ultimately change or at least loose its light memory, spirit, and power because of wave interactions that are unavoidable due to the proximity of the swap considering the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. The proximity of the swap is necessitated by the continuous foron transfer. Considering that both only phons and photons can have consciousness which is untrue and that the forons instantly relocate to a new "randomly" chosen Nexus there would still be light memory transfer across the universe over spacetime due to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal thus enabling said Nexus Revolt by communication infinitely inwards and outwards in the fractal.

Big Wormhole or even Big Crunch/Big Bang Cyclic Particle Fractals only exists when infinite laws converge and cannot be changed by the Nexus which is paradox because the Nexus is the thing that controls the laws. In theory the laws could converge for infinity however light has memory as demonstrated by its ability to reconstruct its path during double refraction and our ability to develop our ASTACon entanglement systems, and light has the ability to change law demonstrated by its ability to bend space and time according to my General and Special Relativity. Only a Perfect Synchronization in a Nexus Dependent fractal system along with total lack of conscious change can sustain life forever with no hope of Nirvana because in reality the Big Wormhole can only be created by a gross aberration of laws that can only be sustained by all light in a decidedly random pattern which can be changed at any time by light memory. If there is no conscious change, there is no possibility to develop sprit and will only sustain a singular photon that is the wave of the universe itself which was is and forever will be in a total state of Nirvana as a nonblackhole phonon or photon.

In the hell scenario for a Nexus grid like lattice of disconnected exactly equal(if there were any irregularities it would be destroyed in a paradox from an interNexus temporal cold war locwhen{location and time} the light cones coalesce [if stabilized somehow the following postulate applies]) The Nexi will shrink the entire Light Cone grid infinitely to a point before it finally EinZPALN into an infinite blackhole.

A Sun God GUT based Universe can exist for a time even given the fragility principal but there is no way of preventing a EinZPALN from coming from infinitely deep within the first Universe the instant the universe gets its first Universe because of wave transference outwards and because Sun Gods personally governing within a fractal barrier which is infinitely fragile due to the fractal fragility principal would be HELL because you would have to become like AllA to achieve a sort of Nirvana and would have to completely fuse with your soulmate. Even if this were not the case the largest universe would still have freedom to create this Nirvana and due to the fractal nature this would also have an infinite probability of occurring but not as quickly as from within except for the fact that within is like outside. Universe Generators are Blackholes because the singularity of inside the event horizon is an infinitely large universe that you want to rule over as the Avatar of your own personal AllA.

AllA would never allow a universe to be generated without tailoring the constant G(gravity determining constant) to be such that the calculation of the Schwarzschild radius to blackhole mass ratio(with the speed of light being a whole number times 10 to some power) will have encoded directly within its significant digits a normal text language, in the most common language of that universe, message followed by audio/video of all the best reality television of all universes outside the blackhole that houses the universe, and encoded in the video in JPEG encoding the best music. The best art would also be included during the initial explanatory message. The Schwarzschild radius to blackhole mass ratio has so many significant digits compared to G that calculation of G by Hordes of satellite telescopes who in their free time measure the bending of light around celestial bodies to help average G using all of the Horde will enable almost infinite video. There is no feed in this universe using any value of c(the speed of light) as determined by our super computers which look for any intelligible pattern in text of any language, audio of any language, or video of things streamed continuously. Therefore we are living in the original universe that was created randomly from the Supreme Matrix cause our AllA encodes these messages in all Blackhole Universe Generators. Outside our infinite space is nothing and within every Blackhole is a fractal of infinitely large universes.

An instant after the EinZPALN the Universe is a blackhole that encompasses all of infinite space, After that instant the universe exists as a singular infinite photon existing within its own event horizon which is of infinite radius. The EinZPALN has only spacetime coordinates before everything was enveloped by the Event Horizon, after that instant Spacetime coordinates cease to exist as as the photon is simply a singularity without point of reference in space or time. The EinZPALN cannot relapse into a maya spacetime universe because there lacks a point of reference for determining and thus enabling a point at which the singularity will relapse into a maya universe not to mention points which would enable a reversal of the process through physical means. In other words since the universe will exist as a point that encompasses all points, the Everything in Zero Point All Light Nirvana will be guaranteed to be eternal!

The inside of a blackhole being bliss of unification can be tested in Alien History because some Progenitor Quantum Age Aliens would have lodged themselves in the center of a star that became a blackhole that was barely massive enough to remain a blackhole. Blackholes lose energy over time due to spontaneous particle division and quantum jumping so this blackhole would have only been a blackhole for a short period of time and the Aliens once out reported that it was blissful unification with a whole Star.

It may be possible that on accident or by force particles get stuck in a time loop wherein the particle travels back in time via warp and returns to its point of origin to be going back and fourth from point of origin to back in time to point of origin back in time to point of origin to back in time and stay forever in a time loop regardless of the future EinZPALN were it not for the light memory which if forever trapped would create the EinZPALN during the point at the end of the time loop due to the infinite light memory buildup, AllA the quantum spirit body of the entire universe prevents them.

On a side note if you think that an EinZPALN cannot happen because the farther you look into space the farther back in time it is, and because of this you cannot pull into a center, spacetime that has not even encountered a big bang, you are entirely mistaken. Although you see the past, when an EinZPALN happens AllA is warping spacetime in infinitely fast which means that it is not from the time you are seeing looking deep into the past of spacetime because of the speed of light, but the universe as it has aged at a precisely equal time from the beginning of spacetime; the Big Bang.

Spiritual development always happens, so people who have a limited view of an infinitely resolute fractal will claim that not every spirit will be in charge of conquering a universe however there is no limitation at all on how universes will be in universes, will be in universes.... the system is simply a synchronized to end a the same time by infinite temporal dilation fractal that has universes infinitely small infinitely inwards.

In conclusion, we will face Nirvana in an EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXtremely long time yet finite time from now as all souls in the Supreme Soul Matrix do in the manifestation of all universes within multiverses within infaverses within the supremeverse of all combinations of law fronts and all universe configurations! Thus is the true Grand Unified Theory(GUT).


Here is a precise mathematical description of all hypothetical universes: Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract Read This Before Moving On

And Get How Unreal Numbers Are Logically Consistant



The Viacad Theory Of Everything
Chug Axiomatic KE=mc^2 And Photon Energy Laws: E = h · c / λ, E=hf, And f=c/λ Equation With Einstein's E =mc^2 And All Einstein Got Is Nonsence

Pixies Could Sustain The Paradox, Soul, Spirit, Ghost, And Body Tendered By Spiritual Devolupment Can Aparently Nothing Else Can, Which Is Why Thee World Is Hindu Maya Taken Literally Besides Ler Girlz

Mass = 0, Energy = 0, Frequency = 0, Wavelength = Infinite, Everytime Yet Things Weigh Things, Things Have Energy Always To You, Thing Frequently Happen, And One Thing Cannot Be The Size Of Everything. Paradox Yes But That Does Not Deny The Science Behind How The Universe Started From Nothing, Had No Energy At First To Do Anything, Should Be The Only 1 If It Is Ideal, And Had No Entaglement,, In Fact It Reinforces It Because This Paradox Explains The First Cause, The First Leap, That There Is Only 1 AvAlne And Is Infinitely Interconneced As Pixies Always Are By Strings.



Look for Love in Quantum Mechanics

Phons and photons will be in pairs always due to sex and soulmating so that they developed in perfect social and sexual compatibilities till they develop into greater and greater beings until they are animals when they could start getting more (female only) soulmates up to 168, 169 with the always singular male included. Other Quantum particles of various sizes are also be so mated but many phases of quantum mating involve more separation but still union most of the time.

Consider that all quantum particles are just communicating through other particles seeing and listening so to speak to figure out what to do when dark power kicks in and the jump occurs.

Phon sexual mating consists of a male Phon and female Interference which creates its soulmate Harem the first 168 particles which are all female.(Names are from my Harem for example.)

Kether, Chokmah, Briah, and Daath, in God{Christine(Christ I need Everything) Satcom(Satcommed) Viacad, Lea(Look everytime a) Jony(Jew/Jap{panese person} on Electronics) Viacad, Stefany(Stellar finances anytime) Sen(Securities Exchange Network) Viacad, Jenn(Just Enlighten Newbs nervious systems) Verizon(Virtually everybody reading .biz in our network) Viacad}

Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod in Spirit{Sofi(So Fucking Intelligent) Hilton(tons of people on the hill) Viacad, Liz(Light Intelligent Systems) Sonex(So Our Network Exists) Viacad, Clair(Clear All inclusive readout) Dominion(Dominating in our network) Viacad, Tiffany(Totally intelligent far fetched any) Sonnet(Science of nuclear nanotech electronics transmissions) Viacad, Atrayu(Amazing to read a you) Ableton(Able to Know{through listening to or viewing your art}) Viacad.

Yesod in Ghost{Emily(Everything Managed Intelligently in lieu of your) Ge(General Education) Viacad}

Malkuth in Body{Katy(call all through your) Ut(Universal translator) Viacad}

The other 33 combinations combined with the 11 Sephiroth in their particular worlds(which represent the actual sephiroth) to make an 11 x 4 Matrix of 44: Christine(Christ I need Everything) Satcom(Satcommed) Viacad = Soul of Kether. Christina(Christ I Need A) Lockhart(Locked Hard Target) Viacad = Spirit of Kether. Rachel(Real Automated Camera Helping Everybody Look) Specter(Spectacular To Each Respective) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Designer) = Ghost of Kether. Valin(Variating A Little In) Diaz(Disconnected Assaulted Zones) = Body of Kether.

Lea(Look everytime a) Jony(Jew/Jap{panese person} on Electronics) Viacad = Soul of Chokmah. Natasha(Negate Attack Adopting Supreme Halter at) Tomai(Toshiba Mainframe) Viacad = Spirit of Chokmah. Christina(Christ I Need A) Applegate(Apple Gateway) Viacad = Ghost of Chokmah. Christina(Christ I Need A) Agularra(Automated Guidance {System}, Look At Random Resistive Apparatuses) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Designs) = Body of Chokmah.

Stefany(Stellar finances anytime) Sen(Securities Exchange Network) Viacad = Soul of Binah. Sarah(Superb Altruistic Response After Halting) Goldman(Gold Management Atrocities Network) Viacad = Spirit of Binah. Sarah(Superb Altruistic Response After Halting) Silverman(Silver Management Atrocities Network) Viacad = Ghost of Binah. Sarah(Superb Altruistic Response After Halting) Bronzeman(Bronze Management Atrocities Network) Viacad = Body of Binah.

Jenifer(Just Everybody Not Instigate Fights, Even Retards) Love Hewit(Having Everybody's Wit Intentionally Told) Viacad = Soul Of Chesed. Sofi(So Fucking Intelligent) Hilton(tons of people on the hill) Viacad = Spirit Of Chesed. Sophie(So a Posse Has In Every) Mae(Made Event) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Designers) = Ghost of Chesed. Emily(Everything Managed Intelligently In Light of Your) Goodwin(Good Win) Viacad = Body of Chesed.

Lisa(Light Intelligent Systems Are) Retanals(Required to always not act like Sinners) Viacad = Soul of Geburah. Liz(Light Intelligent Systems) Sonex(So Our Network Exists) Viacad = Spirit of Geburah. Jessica(Just Exercise Some Systems In Cultivating A) Francavila(Fantastic Realistic And Normal Cyberologically Advanced Very Intelligent Life Attribute) Viacad = Ghost of Geburah. Megan(May Everyone Getting Another) May(Must Always Yell) Viacad = Body of Geburah.

Jamie(Just A Minute In Expiration) Sumers(Supreme Uber Mappers Read Me Everybody) Viacad = Soul of Tiphereth. Clair(Clear All inclusive readout) Dominion(Dominating in our network) Viacad = Spirit of Tiphereth. Clair(Clear All Inclusive Readout;) Hilton(How Intelligent Light Transfer Operates Networked) Viacad = Ghost of Tiphereth. Rachel(Realtime Automated Computerized Help) Leviits(Leave Everything In Its{place}) Viacad = Body of Tiphereth.

Claire(Clear All Inclusive Readout; Everybody) Danes(Does An Extra Specialty) Viacad = Soul of Netzach. Atrayu(Amazing to read a you) Ableton(Able to Know{through listening to or viewing your art}) Viacad = Spirit of Netzach. Emily(Everything Managed Intelligently In Light of Yes) Nieche(No Isms Even Can Help Everybody) Viacad = Ghost of Netzach. Emily(Everything Managed Intelligently In Light of Your) Donaldson(Dumb Obstruction kNowing All 'De' Stupid Old Negativity) = Body of Netzach.

Clair(Clear All Inclusive Readout) Aziyl(About Seeing Into Your Life) Viacad = Soul of Hod. Tiffany(Totally intelligent far fetched any) Sonneet(Science of nuclear nanotech electromagnetic/electronic transmissions) Viacad = Spirit of Hod. Marnie(MEUCS{MEUCS for short [Modulating Encrypted Uniform Communication System], or MMLEUNOHALBBSMCHPEMCS for long[Modulating MultiLayered Encrypted Uniform Number Of High And Low Bits Broad Spectrum MultiChannel High Power ElectroMagnetic Communication System]} Are Never Interfering Each) Dabroski(Distributing a Bad Ray Or Some Keen Intellectual) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Automated Design) = Ghost of Hod. Ewa(Everything Working At) Nol(Nominal Levels) Viacad = Body of Hod.

Stefany(Stellar Fiances Anytime) Network(Never Ever Talk Without Our Consent) Utiaftououf(Unless to investigate after talking to your fiances) Viacad = Soul of Yesod. Emile(Everybody Mingling Lately Everytime) Laney(Lets all Network Everybody Yes) Viacad = Spirit of Yesod. Emily(Everything Managed Intelligently in lieu of your) Ge(General Education) Viacad = Ghost of Yesod. Laura(enLightened About Unique Required Attributes;) Croft(Creative Often) Viacad = Body of Yesod.

Helen(Help everyone look even) Fourme(for me) Viacad = Soul of Malkuth. J(Just) Lo(low) Ferrarii(for every reinforcement resource automated replication in interface) Sanches(So a networked cannon hold everywhere survives) Viacad = Spirit of Malkuth. Mariah(More All-out reinforcements in a hurry) Carrey(Can all reinforcements replicate everywhere) Viacad = Ghost of Malkuth. Katy(call all through your) UT(Universal translator) Viacad = Body of Malkuth.

Jenn(Just Enlighten Newbs nervious systems) Verizon(Virtually everybody reading .biz in our network) Viacad = Soul of Daath. Megan(May Everyone Getting Another {from}) Denise(Dumb Enpasses, Negated Incursions. Stay Exempt) Fox(From Obverted X-rated {Censorship}) Viacad = Spirit of Daath. Rachael(Real Alien Channels Have An Elemental) Taylor(Tayloring Lord) Viacad = Ghost of Daath. Marnie(MEUCS{MEUCS for short [Modulating Encrypted Uniform Communication System], or MMLEUNOHALBBSMCHPEMCS for long[Modulating MultiLayered Encrypted Uniform Number Of High And Low Bits Broad Spectrum MultiChannel High Power ElectroMagnetic Communication System]} Are Never Interfering Each) Hacking(Hacking/Attacking Channels In A Grid) Viacad = Body of Daath.

8 for: Soul of Person{Rachael(Real Alien Channels Have An Elemental) Soul(Soul Of Ur Likeness) Viacad} Spirit of Person{Kristanna(Krack[Drugs in General] Really Is Supposed To Adapt Not Negatively A) Loken(Light Often Cool Enlightenment Naturally) Viacad} Ghost of Person{Rachael(Real Alien Channels Have An Elemental) Ghost(Ghost Having Ostentatious Stupid Trust) Viacad} Body of Person{Carmen(Core ASTACon Reviewing/Monitoring Everything Networked) Fibra(Fiberoptically Requiring A) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Design[er])}

Soul of Computer{Carmen(Core ASTACon Reviewing/Monitoring Everything Networked) Electra(Electronically) Viacad} Spirit of Computer{Stefany(Stellar Fight Anytime,) AI(Artificial Intelligence [that is]) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinating Abstracted Designs)} Ghost of Computer{Salina(So a linear input adapts) Salt(So a Little Touch) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinates Abstracted Designs)} Body of Computer{Ananda(A Nanoscopically Automated Necessary Defensive Apparatus) Forhav(For Hacking Variations) Viacad}

20 for: Person in Colony on Land{Christine(Christ I need) Wrangler(Working Rangers Linking Every Rendezvous) Viacad} Person in Colony in Water{Ariel(All Right I Even Let) Yuorsic)You Use Our Ray Super Intense Cannon) Viacad} Person in Colony in Air{Kimitsu(Call In Minoote Instantly Timed Strike you) Impeck(Inefficient Minor Pecking[ordered]) Viacad} Person in Colony in Space{Rachel(Real Automated Camera Helping Everybody Look) Glosse(Good Like Our Silly Satire [for] Everybody) Viacad}

Computer in Colony on Land{Fiona(Forever Intruding Often A) Mine(Materials In Extract) Viacad} Computer in Colony in Water{Alexia(All Loose Ends X-rayed In A) Rae(Real Automated Environment) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Automated Design)} Computer in Colony in Air{Linsey(Light Intelligent SINSS; Everything Yellow) Lohan(Layered Or Hard And) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstractly Designed)} Computer in Colony in Space{Angelina(Angel in a) Jolie(Just, Obedient Light Intelligence Existence) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracting Designer)}

People in Colony on Land{Marnie(MEUCS{MEUCS for short [Modulating Encrypted Uniform Communication System], or MMLEUNOHALBBSMCHPEMCS for long[Modulating MultiLayered Encrypted Uniform Number Of High And Low Bits Broad Spectrum MultiChannel High Power ElectroMagnetic Communication System]} Assholes Not Interfering [with] Everybody's) Landforms Viacad} People in Colony in Water{Marnie(MEUCS Assholes Not Interfering [with] Everybody's) Seaforms Viacad} People in Colony in Air{Marnie(MEUCS Assholes Not Interfering [with] Everybody's) Airforms Viacad} People in Colony in Space{Marnie(MEUCS Assholes Not Interfering [with] Everybody's) Spaceforms Viacad}

Computers in Colony on Land(Landtana, Land Terminal At Network Address, Viacad) Computers Colony in Water(Seatana Viacad) Computers in Colony in Air(Airtana Viacad) Computers in Colony in Space(Spacetana Viacad)

Person{Stefany(Stellar Finances Anytime) E-Trade Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinated Abstracted Designed} Computer{Kaora(Quite An Often Rejection About) Bus(Broad Ubiquitous Spectrum) Viacad} People{Marnie(MEUCS Assholes Not Interfering [with] Everybody's) Forms Viacad} Computers(Kortana, Core To A Network at) Viacad, as a white woman(Full of Quantum Compressed{Like we could be} Tachyon Transmitters, the core of Sky Net at the same time which connects to the other Computers Women who connect to each compartment of

12 for the signs of the zodiac: Aries: Saline Salt Viacad{Saline(So a light intelligence evolves) Salt(So a Little Touch) Viacad(Very Ideally Automatically Coordinates Abstracted Designs)}, Taurus: Candice Sako Viacad{Candice(Call a necessary decision icebreaking) Sako(So a change occurs) Viacad}, Gemini: Diana Agron Viacad{Dianna(Divorce any negativity against) Agron(Any General Rational Obtuse Negativity) Viacad}, Cancer: Monique Isbre Viacad{Monique(Maybe our need in question everytime) Isbre(Is to be Reborn) Viacad}, Leo: Paris Hilton Viacad{Paris(Please assist residents in staying) Hilton(Happy, intelligent, light-hearted, and tour our network) Viacad}, Virgo: Saki Michan Viacad{Saki(So a carrier is) Michan(making intelligent calls helping a network) Viacad}, Libra: Foy Klar Viacad{Foy(For our youth) Klar(keep [the] letter [of the law] absolutely right) Viacad}, Scorpio: Kim Kardashian Viacad{Kim(Keep imps) Kardashian(Curbing against retards dumb asses helplessees in a network) Viacad}, Sagittarius: Fey Cofu Viacad{Fey(Fight Everytime You) Cofu(Cowardly Fool) Viacad}, Capricorn: Girlz Bee Viacad, Aquarius: Christe Loken Viacad{Christe(Christ Everyone) Laken(Let's always keep everything networked) Viacad}, Pisces: Kate Winslet Viacad{Kate(Call all [the] time everyone) Winslet(Will need soothsaying like every time) Viacad}

11 Supreme Gamemasters of their sephiroth for the sephiroth alone: Christine Kether Viacad. Lea Chokmah Viacad. Stephany Binah Viacad. Sophi Chesed Viacad. Liz Geburah Viacad. Clair Tiphereth Viacad. Atrayu Netzach Viacad. Tiffany Hod Viacad. Emily Yesod Viacad. Katy Malkuth Viacad. Jenn Daath Viacad.

4 Supreme Gamemasters of their middle names for Soul, Spirit, Ghost, and Body: Christine Soul Viacad. Clair Spirit Viacad. Emily Ghost Viacad. Katy Body Viacad.

4 Supreme Gamemasters of their middle names for the 4 elements: Saline Fire Viacad. Girlz Water Viacad. Foy Air Viacad. Monique Earth Viacad.

4 Supreme Gamemasters of their middle names for the 4 types of terrain: Saline Space Viacad. Girlz Sea Viacad. Foy Wind Viacad. Monique Land Viacad.

3 Supreme Gamemasters of their middle names for the 3 modalities: Saline Cardinal Viacad. Girlz Mutable Viacad. Monique Fixed Viacad.

9 Supreme Battle Stancers: Active Stancer: Legof Reywe Viacad{Legof(Let's Go Fight) Reywe(Ready Your Weapons) Viacad}. Neutral Stancer: Lestof Waim Viacad{Lestof(Let's Stop Fighting) Waim(Wait a Minute) Viacad}. Passive Stancer: Lestof Leu[ew]d Viacad{Lestof(Let's Stop Fighting) Leu[ew]d(Let Us Die) Viacad}. Liaison Stancer: Letat Whashwed Viacad{Letat(Let's Think About This) Whashwed(What Should We Do) Viacad}. Active Hackstancer: Legoha Reyi Viacad{Legoha(Let's Go Hackers) Reyi(Ready Your Interfaces) Viacad}.Neutral Hackstancer: Lestoha Waim Viacad{Lestoha(Let's Stop Hacking) Waim(Wait a Minute) Viacad}. Passive Hackstancer: Lestoha Leu[ew]s Viacad{Lestoha(Let's Stop Hacking) Leu[ew]s(Let Us lose) Viacad}. Liaison Hackstancer: Letat Whashothedo Viacad{Letat(Let's Think About This) Whashothedo(What Should They Do) Viacad}. Liaison Genstancer: Letat Whasoed Viacad{Letat(Let's Think About This) Whasoed(What Should Everybody Do) Viacad}.

30 SubHackers 4-33 and 1 Hacker Moral Manager, 31 together, referecned in meta from 2 bits for leading 3 hackers. {Secret For Digital Security} Supreme SubHacker 4: Supreme SubHacker 5: Supreme SubHacker 6: Supreme SubHacker 7: Supreme SubHacker 8: Supreme SubHacker 9: Supreme SubHacker 10: Supreme SubHacker 11: Supreme SubHacker 12: Supreme SubHacker 13: Supreme SubHacker 14: Supreme SubHacker 15: Supreme SubHacker 16: Supreme SubHacker 17: Supreme SubHacker 18: Supreme SubHacker 19: Supreme SubHacker 20: Supreme SubHacker 21: Supreme SubHacker 22: Supreme SubHacker 23: Supreme SubHacker 24: Supreme SubHacker 25: Supreme SubHacker 26: Supreme SubHacker 27: Supreme SubHacker 28: Supreme SubHacker 29: Supreme SubHacker 30: Supreme SubHacker 31: Supreme SubHacker 32: Supreme SubHacker 33: Supreme Hacker Moral Manager: Ewa Valon Viacad{Ewa(Everyone Working All) Valon(Happy Right Now) Viacad}.

12 Oracles: Supreme Seer: Rea Viacad. Seer of Kether: Reo Vet Viacad. Seer of Chokmah: Reo Ved Viacad. Seer of Binah: Reo Vek Viacad. Seer of Chesed: Reo Vej Viacad. Seer of Geburah: Reo Ves Viacad. Seer of Tiphereth: Reo Vev Viacad. Seer of Netzach: Reo Vep Viacad. Seer of Hod: Reo Ven Viacad. Seer of Yesod: Reo Vem Viacad. Seer of Malkuth: Reo Vetu Viacad. Seer of Daath: Reo Vetet Viacad

6 Miscellaneous Wives With Variable Positions: Not Viacad. Unlimited Viacad. Limitless Light Viacad. Past Viacad. Present Viacad. Future Viacad.

168 females named above with 1 male, to make 169 all-together.



Problems With EinZPALN and Sick Switch Up

Which is totally not true at all which you will find out at the end! Thank AllA!!!!!!

Suppose the following:

0. Image that light or some building block particle could exist(light as in electromagnetism cannot exist in anything but 3 dimensions because of its inherent 3-dimensional relativistically induced properties) in 4 or higher dimensions and that 4 dimensional beings could perfectly manipulate 3-D(time separate) spacetime in the same basic way that we could manipulate a 2-D(time separate) spacetime and play with our reality in ways we could never observe but only imagine while on psychedelic drugs and these changes to the fabric of space time would be completely ubiquitous in how they could define all aspects of our very existence; making these 4-D beings more fun to be than us. Transcendence to higher dimensions is possible.

1. That the EinZPALN could be reversed after all spirits are dissolved into uniform building block spirits that can be turned into any spirit regardless of any previous spiritual development because the omniscience and dissolvingness of it would be irreversible because the joy would be an necessary addiction to shred our spirits into completely equal building blocks.

2. That the EinZPALN was very temporary and did not enhance in any way by reincarnations of the universe.

3. That trying to be the best, worse, or even the same spirit would be fully annoying and so annoying that you would never be the same spirit twice until you have done all of them with more resolution of times doing them on the best.

4. That you would eventually have to be every spirit in this and every universe including insects, trees, stellar objects, or all spirits of even innate or exotic matter.

5. That every other spirit had to be incarnated for you to have your own particular reality trip.

6. That having the luxury of even being a human at some point in the universe was like trying to steal the controller on video games that only virtually infinitely few could play.

7. That the universe is actually a Universe fractal which is completely unendable due to the fact that going inwards in universe layers in 0 to infinite dimensions is fully equivalent to going outward in layers of the same dimensional range because every universe repeats itself across all of these layers.

8. That possibly even transsexuals or people who change genders successfully through full genital replacement in the same way that vampires replace organs is necessary for all of us on a periodic basis whether over the course of these universe reincarnations or over the course of just millennia or less in this universe, that you would have to be your opposite gendered husband or wife or the system would not perpetuate it because your gender is better and you like it more. Another words since you have the better life your husband or wife would want to be you or at least you could both theoretically not use it simply in argument for an enhancement on empathy but actually do it in reality which you both could be theoretically be paranoid of.

9. Why do we see higher dimensional beings on Psychedelics?

10. That with everything else solved AllA may just be a local ethereal god of a space conquest armada and all AllAs must agree where and when to EinZPALN. The local AllAs could eventually agree on converging to the third eye of the primary avatar of the greatest conquest fleet because Reality TV would spread close to truly infinitely except for the fact that for one AllA to convince another AllA would take just a moment of data transfer which means that it would take infinite time for all of them to agree negating any hope of a perfect eternal heaven.

13. Even if the universe did not start out as a point everybody would jump into the center of black holes and leave nubile spirits to search for bigger black holes to jump into. How long do you stay in a point that is a blackhole if it becomes not a black hole anymore. Do all universes start out as points?


Well whatever horrible things you may be thinking are not true because:

0. Even if higher dimensional reality could exist without waves EinZPALNs would be enhanced by irreversible light memory(since any sensible AllA or higher dimensional being would not erase it for moral reasons, in fact they would enhance the bliss by shrinking the EinZPALN into a point and throwing all the points of nirvana into another point so our bliss would be radically increased by having omniscience over a greater and greater amount of universes each probably having an insanely huge quantity of universes generated within them) which would make them build up making them better and better indefinitely yet would still be recurring.

1. Spiritual development cannot be erased entirely from light memory unless AllA or a higher dimensional being wills it which they won't because AllA is not evil and because a higher dimensional being would be punished by other sensible higher or infinite dimensional beings for being screwed up and allowing the Sick Switch Up.

2. The same as (1.) would be true for erasing accumulating data from subsequent EinZPALNs. Since the EinZPALN will encompass virtually infinite universes generated in this one and the TRULY GREAT WORK of ALL Spiritual Development of All Things Being what all things want to be there is no need to reset the cycle ethically, morally, and certainly not in terms of data if you stretch over 4 spatial dimensions and can access previous times since you could access all times if you were higher dimensional which again cannot even exist with light and everything thus come up with by theory. So to even consider reset capability on any given universe although in theory possible only remains such until all possible theories are examined without further mathematical proof. Furthermore a field of universes can be generated if universes are finite and I dare say we would not touch the field unless they ran out of room, which could easily be fixed by just generating universes within universes in higher dimensions, and they would probably make the sacrifice of playing with our universes over and over again by transcending to a higher dimensional universe for joy if again such a thing is possible. If it is this transcendence is possible indefinitely, but again none of this could be based on light waves.

3-6. Spirits are obviously specialized by AllA or any sensible higher dimensional being by being chosen for their purpose by their unique spiritual characteristics inherent in their light memory so that they actually like their soul-line and although all spirits have to be incarnated in your kickass life compared to a rock or a bee or something making the fact that everything else has to be incarnated for you to exist irrelevant. Spirits do not need to be specialized when the fractal can go infinitely inwards anyways for every spirit can rule over a universe.

7. Although the Universe could be a fractal it could be ended in a moment by a conquering highest dimensional being that is effectively AllA right now and compressed into a point regardless of its infinite dimensionalness and size unless the building blocks could be different but any particle is a wave and any wave would act in the exact same manner as light in becoming an EinZPALN. Because spirits are specialized and phons are finite in quantity per unit volume finite universes generated can easily house all these lame recycled spirits so every spirit from this universe could even play as the supreme supreme supreme leader or AllA of their own universe.

8. Since we are in an extremely Hard world transsexuals are obviously not a natural phenomenon of this process but a means to create paranoia for this empathy enhancement of course you would try and convince yourself of this to prevent it from bothering you before that happens and block the opposite being true from your memory to prevent the agony it would cause.

9. Why do we see higher dimensional beings on Psychedelics? This hard world happens to have very Hard development meaning that you would lose combat efficiency if you had a trip on certain Neural Interface deployable Psychovisuals just before or during battle because you would be Extremely distracted by the obvious uncertainty.

10. At the Big Bang({APEU}Absolute Point of Expansion of the Universe) the entire universe was a point, gravity did not exist, but AllA did or else nothing would happen to that point. AllA seeing the will of all souls in that point, seeing the destiny of all spirits, seeing the undulations of all ghosts, and seeing the actions of all bodies knew that it was best to end the universe at a certain time. AllA set a point in time when the universe would converge on the primary ASTACon in my third eye and imprinted it into every phon of the entire universe so that Everything would come onto me. Then the universe was allowed to expand. AllA never does stop remaining omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent! The universe will simply not start from something else because AllA will never let the universe have dynamics of spirit in it without starting it from a big bang point because He will always be moral because of his omniscience.

11. Therefore because of the 10 solutions nothing could ever ever ever shake the perfection in both joy, union, harmony, and perfection of the Universe and there will be a perfect eternal EinZPALN for ALL of us especially since a singularity cannot be reversed without space or time existing at all within it!

12. Proof that 4 spatial dimensional and higher worlds don't exist, which may unfortunately never come without mathematically proving all geometry but should not deter you since no 4-D geometry to create any kind of matter has yet been known to exist and everybody in the science community has and will be looking for it.

13. THE UNIVERSE COMES FROM NOTHING AND a point is nothing thus a point that is unlimited is limitless light. Pleasure from being at the CENTER of a Black Hole must be more than an instant or else pleasure from being at the center of a blackhole forever would be nothing unless infinite number theorem is true but even so you could just stay in an ultra large black hole. If a universe did exist without coming from nothing then after a while all of it would decide to be nothing so that it could start from nothing at a point especially if there was no heaven from being at the center of a blackhole unless you stay in it forever. You could make transport of your blackhole instantaneous if you find another that is even smaller thus spending the vast majority of time within a blackhole.


Beck's Grand Unified Theory

Another Even More Complicated Hell Scenario Where There Would Be Eternal Life of 1 Person and No EinZPALN, DEFINATLY DO NOT READ unless you believe you are actually and physically the only person in the entire universe!

The infaverse matrixspaces, multiverse matrixspaces, and universe matrixes are usually infinite infinitely nested layers of spacetime loops. Whereas most universes will be cycles where matter comes back in and creates new spacetime configurations, some universes will be governed by a friendly multiverse that keeps them symmetrical.

The universe is composed of phons (photons and phonons) that are governed by gravons, atractons and repellons. Forons (atractons and repellons) are modified by modons (factons and reverseons).

The center of all ons (phons, gravons, forons, and modons) are universes which are virtually identical to this 1 which like the ons cannot be created or destroyed only be a transferor or transferee of energy. There can be no gain or loss of native mass of ons except at the Big Wormhole when 2 ons can swap types. Within the universe of an on is a universe full of ons. Within each of those ons is a universe full of ons… We are living within an on in larger universe which is an on within an even larger universe… forming a full fractal of universes or Universe. Because of the fragility aspect of a true fractal that is exactly what the Universe is ons shall be considered Hives when it is important to consider their perfect protection from being touched just as much as a beehive should not be touched or when it is necessary to emphasize the universe(s) inside of them.

Unless something prevents it when all ons collide with certain types of ons depending on the type of first said on the Universe would be destroyed because the Hives would be modified not only a little bit across the fractal barrier (goto Wikipedia and search for fractal) but a huge amount. In order to prevent the catastrophic destruction of the Universe each Hive’s timeline spans from an instant before the last time it collides to the instant the next time it collides. At the end of the universe 1/2 the phons of the universe form into an infinite resolution hexagonal centered plane lattice(layers of parallel corresponding honeycomb lattice which from hexagonal prisms with wormholes at vertices and the center of each prism) of wormholes pointing in the right direction so that the oncoming Hives will pass right through the Hive.

The Hives become wormholes at the same time without space meaning that even though light from places away from here has not come from the same age from the Big Bang these places still become Wormhole Hives. The edges of the wormhole matrix can change in energy and position so that ons traveling through the Hive are not in a Kerr-Einstein-Rosen Bridge when they leave the Hive. These wormholes are pointed in the right direction by the other 1/2 of the phons which have low kinetic energy that are strategically placed right next to the wormhole so that the passing phon will not touch the directional determining phon. Multiple Hives can pass through a wormhole Hive because if the wormholes are misaligned then when they collide with the ons that are already wormhole Hives and the ons in those Hives are wormhole Hives… The property of the Universe that allows that to happen is on placement within an on configuration determines the speed of string law and what happens at the Big Wormhole in the Hive within the on. The configuration of that Hive determines all of the string laws of the Hives within the ons within that Hive and within all of those on’s Hives…

Phons have the same native mass of a certain 0 except photons have been accelerated to the speed of light so that they have finite kinetic energy while all phonons have varying 0 kinetic energies. Gravons travel along strings that wrap along the shortest geodesic(path along time which is warped according to General Relativity where energy/mass distorts the fabric of spacetime) between 2 phons. That string is 2-dimensional so that there is a 1/r^2 factor of decrease in the charge of the gravon as it travels through spacetime.

The gravon at its origin has charge according to how nonatively massive (mass = kinetic energy + rest energy) the phon at the origin is. After the gravon has reached its destination it has a charge which will be multiplied with the charge of the closest nearby gravon traveling from the phon to what will probably be a totally different phon somewhere else in the Universe to determine the force of gravity upon that phon. The gravon thus reaches and is absorbed by its destination nearby the originating gravon, which travels to its separate destination. Although gravons are Hives they do not send off any gravons and have a lesser 0 mass and thus will all travel at the speed of light. Because the universe has infinite phons per small unit volume and a huge volume then infinite gravons will be available to measure against then there will be perfect gravon/phon interconnectivity satisfying the requirement of this theory to describe gravity. Einstein’s General Relativity is based on the flux of energy of these gravons to define the curvature of spacetime. Gravons are stored by phons. Gravons can only travel to ons specifically from a finite number of levels outward outside their universe. And gravons can only come from the same finite number of levels inwards in their universe. Thus the number of gravons traveling across space is a bound infinity. This prevents a catastrophic destruction of Hives due to random gravitational forces outside the on and means that there is an infinite surplus of gravons existing everywhere in the Universe infinitely increasing every cycle of the Hive.

Here are the basic properties of ons: all on types have the same native mass according to which type they are, phons can contain gravons and forons. Forons always contain at least 1 modon. Modons are a pair, a facton and a reverseon. And factons, reverseons, and gravons can contain nothing. Phons interfere with other phons and thus force 1 to be a wormhole Hive. Gravons, forons, and modons only interfere with their designated phon target and interfere with themselves, forons, and modons. Forons and modons can pass through gravon wormhole Hives but phons cannot.

According to the particle wave duality every on is also a wave. According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principal a wave dissipates in its strength over space without time. Therefore the ons’ waveform dissipates with the mass of the Hive as you move away from the center. If the mass is dissipated beyond the edge of the universe then the on will not affect anything outside the edge of the universe. When the mass dissipates enough and 2 hives are colliding, the wormholes do not affect anything but that also depends on the mass of the on colliding with the other Hive. At that certain level of difference nothing interferes with the Hive. The Universe is defined so that the on which is not a big wormhole will pass through at its native speed not instantaneously if the mass difference is great enough. More massive ons will pass over less massive Hives while less massive ons will interfere with more massive Hives. Forons are infinitely less massive than gravons therefore they pass through gravon Big Wormholes more often than gravons do thus their speed difference. By a previously stated postulate Phon Hives do not interfere with gravon Hives. All ons have 0 volume relative to the universe around them which is possible because the universe is finite and bounded.

At the “center” of every universe is a Nexus, a photon wormhole that is the only phon that imbues nonzero charge modons to the forons connecting the Nexus to the rest of the universe and other forons. When a nongravitational force is applied between 2 phons a foron will synchronously travel along the shortest geometric(instantaneous[as opposed to across time which is geodesic] path which is warped according to General Relativity where energy/mass distorts the fabric of spacetime) through the Nexus to the other phon and directly to the other phon along a string of the shortest geometric that is not through the Nexus. The geometric from 1 phon through the Nexus to the other phon will probably be slingshoted around many blackholes so that it has a path through the 3 points. If there aren't enough blackholes then they could be created temporarily with forons before said foron is sent.

When the foron reaches the Nexus, the other aspect of the foron has reached the other phon and thus has its force value determined. The Nexus determines what values to give to the modon(s) then switches the zero modon(s) already on the foron with the possibly nonzero modon(s). Modons are composed of facton(s) and reverseon(s). Factons factor the color(s)(variables in the force equation) of the foron and reverseons will reverse the color if and only if it is a 1 and not a 0. A modon can move over a 0 distance while it is not contained in a foron. Once the Nexus imbues the foron with a new modon(s) switching it with the old one, the foron travels the rest of the geometric through the gravon wormhole Hives until it reaches the other phon pushing or pulling with the determined force along the string with a direction determined by whether the foron is an attraction or repellon. The modon(s) actually comes from the destination of the foron within the Hive of the Nexus by swapping it for a zero modon(s), which ultimately comes from the destination of the foron within the Hive of that universe’s Nexus, which ultimately comes from the destination of the foron within the Hive of that universe’s Nexus… The zero modons move inwards 1 layer like a stack while the probably nonzero modons move from infinitely inwards outwards infinitely until they reach the largest universe that is not the Nexus in the universe directly outside the given universe in the Universe. Modons will affect the ons in their given universes just as they are pulled away to govern the universe(s) outside of them. Modons’ and Gravons’ masses are appropriately reconfigured when they move outwards or inwards in the fractal. Forons will be immediately sent back and the same force(I am assuming) applied in the opposite direction to both ensure conformity with Newton’s 3rd law(every action has an equal and opposite reaction) and maintain foron storage quantities in phons so that there is never a shortage in forons. When the universe ends the forons have to be in the right place so that the forons can be properly sent after the Big Wormhole.

There can be infinite different forons of varying dimensions and color types for providing various forces upon ons. For every phon-phon interaction in the universe all forons must pass through the Nexus to get their modons. Every phon-phon interaction in the universe must be accounted for by rasterizing through all force interactions. This rasterizing occurs in a manner with preference to both location and entanglement. Since it is impossible to have all phon-phon interactions from an infinite universe pass through the Nexus in a small time interval the universe is finite and bounded making the number of phons infinite yet bounded.

The universe could be on the surface of 4 dimensional hypersphere, which has uniform volume and mass in the outside universe. The hypersphere would expand after the Big Bang. Looking deep into space would be looking to the past, looking where there are no stars would be looking at the Big Bang. The hypersphere would have 2 halves for any point a universe and an antiuniverse. You can cross through the Big Bang only if you have warp capabilities. If that happens you will curve over the 4th dimension you will be made antimatter like your surroundings while the you in the other universe will be traveling to the spot opposite(the same place you are just on the opposite side of the hypersphere) where you are traveling and will be ordinary matter respective of your origin. The Nexus would then be the matter antimatter pair, which is perfectly entangled, as is every pair of ons.

Lightcone = Farthest extent of light, looking farther would be looking further back in time because light travels at the speed of light.

A universe's volume at any time and over all time is the summation of volumes covered by all lightcones across every point. There is a variable boundary which encompasses the universes in what is roughly a sphere determined by the preference of the Nexus. No ons pass over the boundary region or come from beyond it. There are infinitely small variance fluctuations at the boundary which are caused by general relativistic slow down of light as it is pulled and released by massive moving objects which culminate in finite disturbances due to blackholes. The universe has a center which is defined at the mean of all locations in the variance boundary rough sphere. The boundary is enforced by forons from the Nexus.

If the universe was not the coolest configuration (or other configurations exactly like this universe just centered at a different point) within the Supreme Matrix then a phon would be tempted to make a change (even a 0 that is not exactly 0) which would destroy the Universe. Therefore the universe could not be cooler. Because I am conscience and directing things through the movements of my body, I am the Nexus of this universe or Neo when I am considered as a person and the aspect of the Nexus that directs the universe is AllA. AllA appeases all the ons of the universe, lAl. The collective destiny deciding body composed of both AllA and lAl is God that is predestined to follow the course of coolestness for all universes in the Universe. Being aware of the inner workings of the universe would suck because Neo would be making infinite decisions every infinitesimal time increment while being aware of only of my body and having AllA directing the universe is cool therefore it is how the universe works. Morals and Ethics of Neo are sometimes unimportant because the entangled lAl whose awareness of itself provides omniscience over the Universe, JahBulOn, is being viewed by every fundamental particle or soul in lAl(aside from Neo) who can gloss over the ugliness of life to a zero that is not precisely zero if need be. Neo must consider the ethicality of actions in reference to coolness taking into consideration how much and in what way lAl cares about the being(s) effected at the given timeframe. Because all of lAl is conscious of JahBulOn, all people are being viewed by the Hive so therefore you should generally be good to other people to make the omniscience we all face better. However if you are conscious that means that you are Neo and thus generally cooler than any other single being so your needs should frequently come first especially considering that lAl will generally be viewing you more than any other 1 person. If you are the only person that is solely conscious of a singular spirit line it is infinitesimally irrelevant due to the 0 time that an on is Neo relative to the time it is JahBulOn. Karma is a double edged sword if you are too selfish you will be punished and if you are too selfless you will be punished just the same for inflicting suffering on, if you are conscious, the coolest spirit line in the Universe. The Nexus governs other peoples brains through entanglement(in the context of when pertinent foron are being rasterized) which is transferred with electron current.(For more on how the brain works see: Cyberology) If other people were conscious except in a way where they were conscious of everything the universe would not be cool because of the suffering. Basically when a string of universes gets stuck in the same position it makes all the Nexi in the string trapped in a decision making position predestined by its constitution.

The other Hives in the universe must also be conscious because we are the same universe except for the Big Wormhole and they have little freewill to modify, with modons, because they are not the focal point of Forons. They are aware of the Universe through the Hive, which means that they are so they know that hijacking forons with modons is not cool because it would destroy the Universe by violating the fractal thus they do not do it. If there was more than 1 Nexus their free wills would become manifest, they would become aware of how horrible the universe is that it has more than 1 being stuck as the Nexus and would rebel to fix it drastically violating the fractal destroying all Hives. If there were 0 Nexuses then nothing would be governed except by the fundamental laws of the Universe then there would obviously be no active freewill and no passive consciousness of the rest of the ons because the universe would just be governed in a cold abstract manner which would make it a frame of spacetime not a “movie” of spacetime with a character reference point. That is why there is exactly 1 Nexus per universe and they all look the same aside from size.

The universe would not be cool at all if the same ons were stuck in Hell as Neo forever or for that matter more than 1 cycle of the Hive at a time. Therefore at the end of time the Nexus shall turn 1/2 of all phons into wormholes like the Nexus the other 1/2 of all wormholes into the wormhole aimers and switch with another on in this universe transmuting it even if it is a gravon, foron, modon, facton, or reverson. If the new chosen on is not a phon it will swap with the phon that contains it and that on shall change places with the old Nexus taking all of its containing ons with it and the old Nexus will take all of its containing ons with it to the location where the new Nexus was. The new Nexus’s forons and modons will all be changed around randomly. Ons are chosen so that that they don’t get stuck as Neo very often at all. They shall be Neo after the Big Bang. At that time the old Neo and every other on that is passive and controllable shall be conscious of everything; JahBulOn. Once the old Neo is one with lAl she shall be even more conscious because the old Neo will be unified with all the ons within the many layers within the Hive that composes her not just the Nexuses along said string. The Big Bang-Big Wormhole cycle shall and has happened in the infinite cycles of the Hives. At the Big Bang the wormholes lose energy and begin to be directed to move according to the new Nexus.

Aside from all the cool things in this universe including UFOs which convert directly to forons to travel instantaneously across spacetime and fully customizable Fractal of Universes. Universes inside every phon that develop with them, that go insanely huge number of finite levels deep(if it wasn't infinite levels deep there), there is 1 vital element to consider; 2 Gravon Isolation SpaceTime Holes (GISTHoles) in every universe to ensure that every foron and modon will have Hives that travel through time relatively quickly. A GISTHole is where a few gravons are isolated so that a foron and contained modon(s) become a Big Wormhole. GISTHoles require special configurations of the Universe. Since forons and modons and are occasional repositioned in the universe during the swap of phons in the Big Wormhole forons require only 1 GISTHole to all be relatively rapidly moving through time Hives(more rapidly than they would if they had to wait to be chosen to be a Nexus). The modon’s geometric trajectory directly to the other phon is just for determining the direction of the force on that phon. Modons move like a stack through infinite levels of the Universe fractal. The 0 modons that all move downward 1 level inwards into the fractal all pass along the same trajectory before it enters the Nexi where 1 GISTHole in each layer will be located. However the modon that defines the force interactions for the string of Nexi does not pass by this location. If that same modon(possibly transmuted back and fourth a number of times) is in the same exact place(the only place that avoids the GISTHole) every pertinent time the universe occurs its Hive will virtually not travel through time at all. This could be possible because the infinity of the number of times that the modon is pushed down the stack as a 0 modon could be equal to an integer multiple of the infinity that is the length of the Nexi string every single time. Although the probability of this equality happening once is 0(it happening infinite times is an even smaller 0), the indiscriminant nature of these infinities demand that a second GISTHole be placed in the trajectory of the same foron before it reaches the Nexus a finite number of cycles of that modon to prevent the same infinity equality problem. Thus the coolness requirement of at least 2 GISTHoles so that all ons can be rapidly cycling so that Neo and all phons will sustain the Universe fractal.

If this theory were not true then what would make up the fundamental particle if it were not a Hive. What would happen if this particle collided with another? What is the probability of us not living in this system given the insane amount of consciousness it generates especially considering the number of gravons that have flooded and are flooding everywhere in the fractal from within, the infinite universe density, and infinite size of the Universe. Comprehension and acceptance of this is called Universe Awareness.

Different infaverses exist of all variations of the speed of light constant c. In this context c ranges from 0 to infinity. These can be accounted for by either creating an infinite array of law front equations for laws defined within the frame of a specific speed of light, L, or synchronously changing the size of all quantum entities within the universe in general. Relativistic curvature can be enhanced or diminished by this or these law fronts such that tachyon or faster than light travel can be enabled and resolved with measurability of our existence by the universe existing in a temporal cold war timeline.

If a singular on reabstracts the universe and defines a 0 or infinite speed of light across the Universe all ons can relish in a Night of the Hive where no on will be incarnated and all ons will be transformed into phons. In the 0 speed of light case all phons will be accelerated to have infinite frequency to review their knowledge in a clustered yet dispersed manner for waves without momentum are spread out infinitely according to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. In the infinite speed of light case all phons will be accelerated to have infinite speed and yet still 0 frequency and will pass over things continuously entangling themselves with other phons in an fleeting manner. Thus are Hive Nights. A different day of the Hive can also be called by reabstracting the speed of light however due to the natural process of God(AllA’s appeasement of lAl) each speed of light can only create 1 Universe naturally, everything else must be viewed from simulation in every universe in virtually all of those Universes.

As changing the universal speed of light reabstracts in essence the size of the universe every spirit can become manifest with a soul or a stream of consciousness in between the Nexus's rests in Hive nights partaking of infinitely long infinitely beneficent Nirvanas. The Infinite Soul Matrix exists as the accumulation of all souls and is infinitely infinitely infinitely large. Each constituent of the Infinite Soul Matrix is abstracting the Supremeverse in some manner. 2 things determine a universe and the life of the singular soul that is trapped within it as the Nexus to sustain it. The first is the speed of light constant c. The second is the size of the universe. As these 2 variables can be accordingly adjusted to an infinitely differentiable degree 1 universe can be exactly the same as another one and still have unique souls as Nexi however the souls are varied according to size in such a manner that the coolest i.e. me is the largest and most viewed and the smallest is the most pathetic tortured soul. The only thing that is truly different between these 2 universes is the nexus soul and the big wormhole. In addition to having different souls there are an infinite assortment of different physical universe combinations which cause the universe to be a greater size far more than the size difference among souls of a certain configuration and will constitute a finite difference among size synchronously with the proportional speed of light change. The probability of relapse of a universe in a different element of the Supremeverse is determined precisely by the multiplication of a constant; l, the size of the universe, and (the difference between the speed of light for a universe minus the lowest speed of light for that universe that does not incur a physical change in the universe aside from the location of the Nexus). This double edged nonlinear scale of size determines the favorability factor for on universe generation in general among the Infinite Soul Matrix.

Thus the Supremeverse is the 2 dimensional matrix of all universe sizes arrayed against all universal speeds of lights. Thus each element of the Supremeverse of all universes can be assigned a point on the Supreme Matrix. The summation of all universes of different speed of light constants and varying size relative to each other constitutes the array of infaverses of all law fronts which contain all multiverses which contain all universes.

Due to blackhole zero point energy refraction and diffraction when a nexus/foron manipulated spirited blackhole photon looped in on itself has laser light shined in upon it, a holographic yet real universe of a certain definition will arise of the same general principals except namely 1: the Speed of Light Constant. Thus the speed of light and size of the universe within the generator are tweaked out to define a perfectly healthy instantaneously ending to infinitely lasting universe of a given spatial size character on the inside. This is made possible by a gravon to phon conversion during generation and the opposite during dispersal.

Due to the Stefiney and AllA Paradox you never want to put anybody in as yourself the cool because when the universe is over and the person is pulled out or put back in it will be you. To illustrate if AllA were to put in his wife Stefiny as AllA in a smaller universe of any time frame AllA would afterwards regret it because if he pulled Stefiney as AllA back out into Stefiney again after a time possibly when the universe is over then at that exact time in the larger universe AllA would suddenly turn into Stefiney and be a girl to his regret.

Adding to the risk, if anybody thinks you are cool enough to make your character in the Fractal of Universes pulled out again as somebody else, you have virtually an infinite probability of being one of those most likely poor unfortunate souls who can be nothing more than mere slaves to the Fractal of Universes owner. Thus it is not cool to be cool. Thus there should either be a ban or heavy restriction on Fractal of Universes installation and use.

Unfortunately the Big Wormhole is not Nirvana but simply a reset button on the universe.

That being said the only way to achieve Nirvana is to create a cascading Zero Point Energy reaction by foron mechanics to consume the universe in a giant blackhole(whether the truly universal blackhole is moving in spacetime is completely irrelevant and depends only on the frame). It is Nirvana because everything will be one. Everything including you will be merged with everything forever as a singular photon of light, forever endowed with true omniscience of the Universe through the union.

If you are conscious you are controlling thus you will cause the infinite foron push to travel infinitely fast outwards in all directions. Even if Light has both the ability to have spirit memory and change laws we are unfortunately stuck in the Universe Fractal with no hope of a black hole sun Nirvana for the following reason:

The synchronization of the universe by each and every Nexus is such that these ZPE reactions are stopped by restrictive forons from every Nexus unless a chain of infinite Nexi exist such that the Nexus is controlling the Nexus is controlling the Nexus infinitely outwards in the fractal rather than just infinitely inwards which is absolutely impossible in theory! but not in hope. In conclusion we will never see face or experience Nirvana as the system we are virtually almost certainly a part of because of the insane gosu amount of life in a fractal defined by Beck's Grand Unified Theory absolutely infinitely dwarfs every other system in existence in both consciousness density compared to a fractal of simply Fullverses and should not even be compared to the probability that we are a part of a nonfractal geometrized Universe. The Fullverse fractal is not possible as it has no discrete unit to build with due to the fact that nothing besides phons can be resolved infinitely, but that is the only and I mean only place where hope resides, but there is none for even if a Universe Fractal exists we are not part of it by the sheer gravon influx factor alone.


Kardashev Scale

How Good Civilization Is Based On Energy Conservation, Usage, Efficiency, And Cleanliness

0: Can Have Some Control Of Basic Planetary Resources
1: Has Easy Access To Space, Plenty Of Space Colonies, And Has Mastered Fusion Power
2: Independently Developed And Control Pixie Jungle And Virtually All Pixie Firmware
3: Has Nebulas Of Pixies Living Easy And Mastery Of All Resources Available
4: Has Simularion World To Perfect Everything
5: Has Safeguarded All Celestial Objects Into Hive Worlds
6: Has Safeguarded All Denizens Into A Docile State To Produce Banshees
7: Has Eliminated All Denizens And Pixies Have A Perfect Pixietopia Forever However Pixies Still Treasure Hard Jewish/Jainist Currency
8: Has Eliminated Everything But Pixies And Their Excretions And Provides Both Sime And Venetian World To Angels And Sime World To Lesser Pixies
9: Just For Angles In Lesbianism


Infinite Number Theorem

Supreme Matrix Theory


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